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If you’re having difficulties in a relationship, struggling to find a better work / life balance, or dealing with a major life transition, Carol A. Levine, a licensed therapist can help.

Do You Want To Heal Pain From Childhood Wounding?

Adult Life And Inner Child Crossroads Street Signs

Are you experiencing any of
the following?

• fear of abandonment
• chronic worry
• marital chaos
• social anxiety
• avoidance
• panic attacks
• obsessions
• substance abuse
• uncontrolled anger
• perfectionism
• overthinking
• sadness / depression
• irritability
• relationship insecurity
• approval-seeking
• spiritual emptiness

If so, let’s work together on
mending the pain from your past.

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Feeling Depressed,
Anxious & Empty?

It feels like good days are always overshadowed by the bad. One moment things are going well, but then you react and feel shame. Your anger and fear get the best of you, and relationships suffer. On the inside you’re left embarrassed, avoidant and self-doubting. Marriage, family relationships, dating and parenting might be feeling frustrating and empty.

Let’s Begin Your

You want a change. You want to be in control of your emotions and actions. There’s a longing to understand why you feel the way you do. You might wonder how your childhood influences your personality and relationship struggles. I can help you learn how to look forward to each day with a renewed sense of contentment, peace and purpose.

Providing Individual and Couples Telehealth Therapy Services to clients in Cecil County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Prince George's County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County, and all of Maryland.

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